Toy News: New "Studio Series" Listings via TFW2005


Fellow fan site TFW2005 has reported some new listings for the Studio Series line of movie based figures. There is a lot to absorb here as the line continues to expand beyond the traditional "Bayverse" characters. From the Bumblebee Movie fans can expect characters seen in the exciting opening scene on Cybertron including Brawn and Ratchet! Then on the other side we have more characters coming from the "1986" sub-line of Studio Series figures. These include Perceptor and a Junkion named Junkyard. This continues to represent the 1986 film while also offering a route to expand the core Generations line of G1 era based figures. No word yet on release dates and take this with a grain of salt pending official announcements by Hasbro and retailers.

Deluxe Class

  • Tra Gen Studio series Deluxe TF6 Brawn UPC: 195166158516
  • Tra Gen Studio series deluxe TF6 Ratchet UPC: 195166158532
  • Tra Gen studio series Deluxe 86 Perceptor UPC: 195166158556
  • Tra Gen studio series deluxe TF6 Wheeljack UPC: 195166160016

Voyager Class

  • Tra Gen Studio series voyager TF6 Soundwave UPC: 195166153438
  • Tra Gen Studio series Voyager 86 Junkyard (Wreck Gar Re-tool) UPC: 195166158525

Leader Class
Tra Gen studio series leader 86 King Starscream cape UPC: 195166153421