Toy News: Official Images & Product Info for "Studio Series" Gamer Edition Cliffjumper & Megatron

Yesterday pre-orders for the upcoming Studio Series Gamer Edition Cliffjumper and Megatron went up online.  Both figures are due to ship between August and October 2023 (based on which retailer you order from).  Check out the official product images, info and purchase links (that support BWTF) below:

Toy News: Japanese Exclusive "Rise of the Beasts" Promotional Figures Revealed

As part of a promotion for the upcoming Rise of the Beasts film, Takara Tomy will be releasing exclusive Nemesis Prime and Burning Optimus Primal figures!  Nemesis Prime is a redeco of Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime and features the character's signature black, teal, red and silver colors.  Burning Optimus Primal is a redeco of Kingdom Optimus Primal featuring the clear red color based on his appearance in the Beast Wars II movie (which has been made into toys before).

Toy News: "Legacy: Evolution" Rise of Tyranny 2-Pack Revealed

Thanks to the folks over at In Demand Toys on Facebook, we have our first look at official images of the upcoming Legacy: Evolution "Rise of Tyranny" 2-Pack.  This 2-pack features a redeco/retool of Siege Megatron as "Miner Megatron", the version of the character who would eventually rise to lead the Decepticons.  It also includes Senator Ratbat, a redeco and retool of Studio Series Scourge.  Both figures are based on character appearances from the IDW Publishi

Toy News: IGN Reveals Official "Legacy Evolution" Titan Class Nemesis Images (UPDATED)

IGN has posted official photos and product information for the upcoming Titan Class Nemesis figure!  This figure was revealed on Hasbro Pulse's live stream last month, but now we get to see the figure painted up properly and posed out showing off its various features.  Nemesis is priced at $199.99 and due for release in Fall 2023.  Preorders are supposed to go up today (IGN says they're up on