Toy News: "Legacy: Evolution" Rise of Tyranny 2-Pack Revealed


Thanks to the folks over at In Demand Toys on Facebook, we have our first look at official images of the upcoming Legacy: Evolution "Rise of Tyranny" 2-Pack.  This 2-pack features a redeco/retool of Siege Megatron as "Miner Megatron", the version of the character who would eventually rise to lead the Decepticons.  It also includes Senator Ratbat, a redeco and retool of Studio Series Scourge.  Both figures are based on character appearances from the IDW Publishing Comic Book stories that took place before the war between the Autobots and Decepticons began.  With In Demand posting these today, it is likely tomorrow we will see a more massive reveal (and maybe preorders?) but that is speculation on my part.  For now, check out the cool pics below:

Source:  In Demand Toys Facebook Page