Toy News: "Generations: War for Cybertron" Buzzworthy Bumblebee Revealed


Thanks to the folks over at In Demand Toys we have an unexpected surprise today! In Demand revealed a previously unannounced War for Cybertron figure: Bumblebee! Specifically, this figure appears to be a Core Class figure with a Spike Witwicky mini-figure included. What is interesting is that the packaging has design elements from all over the place. The Transformers logo on the side has a yellow background, something seen on Bumblebee Movie packaging. Meanwhile, the character artwork resembles the tone and setting of Kingdom packaging. Meanwhile, the artwork on the packaging insert seems to use Bumblebee's "Evergreen" design. Also interesting is the name. Instead of "Autobot Bumblebee" or "Bumblebee" this figure is called "Buzzworthy Bumblebee", a curious name to be sure (which I speculate will be meme-worthy once the figure is out). No official word yet on when this figure will be released (and how) but when I find out I'll let you fans know!