Toy News: Additional Images of "Origins Jazz"


Hasbro Transformers Designer Mark Maher has updated his Instagram with some fantastic new images of the upcoming "Origins Jazz" figure!  He has also included a ton of info about the figure's development.  Check it out and the mirrored images below:

@Target Exclusive Legacy Deluxe Origins Cybertronian Jazz is part of the Buzzworthy Bumblebee line and quite frankly, became my new favorite Jazz toy instantly. If you didn’t get your hands on the ufo Origins Cybertronian Buzzworthy Bumblebee, get on the interwebs and start up the #toyhunt

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Yuya Onishi from Takara Tomy and man o’ man, what a treat! The proportions, the transformation, the special features, the articulation, the look 👀!!!! Ooooowweeee mannnnnn! Can you tell Im excited yet?!?

If by chance you don’t know, this cybertronian alt hover vehicle mode was featured in episode 1 of the G1 animated series. He is zooming around on cybertron and he unexpectedly zooms by the communication towers which you come to find out is Soundwaves cybertronian mode, whom is also featured in this glorious photoshoot of fun!

Lets get into some deets shall we. The grappling hook accessory can pop onto either folded in fists, 5mm holes and posts of course, there is storage for the grappling hook underneath the hovercar. Not featured here but the front of the hook can be placed on the end of his g1 styled blaster barrel. Both of his booster jets in alt mode are also blast effect compatible. Scale is perfectly sized with good ol bee, and his blaster does fit on top of the hover whip.

The deco break out worked out like a jazz flute solo, someone, please, call Ron Burgendy ,because this figure is just pumping sweet melodies in my ears. I mean, who doesn’t have love for Jazz really?? I was obsessed with his commercial interlude sequence in the g1 animation series and the design of this bot is just so solid!

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