Toy News: Behind-the-Scenes Information on "MPM" Blackout


Hasbro Designer Sam Smith has posted some awesome behind-the-scenes information about the upcoming Masterpiece Blackout figure.  You can see the turnarounds on Instagram for Blackout in robot mode, vehicle mode and Scorponok.  I attempted to embed the turnarounds but they caused some odd site issues. Here is what Smith wrote in his intro:

“Blackout incoming... All hail Megatron!”

Im thrilled to officially share the US debut of MPM Blackout. This was such a fun character to develop with Tomo Tatsumi at Takara Tomorrow. Blackout was by far my favorite design from the first Transformers film, and it was great to get the chance to contribute to an all new version of the figure.

This bot mode is loaded with articulation, fine textures, painted mechanical working, weathering and never before used details. We tried pulling out all the stops to set this figure apart from the Studio Series Release. There are so many exposed tech panels, where we were able to treat the figure with metallic washes and dry brush effects, while also highlighting some awesome copper details to really make them pop. Every piece of dark exposed metallic plastic, was treated with some level of weathering to capture the distressed movie look.

I think the detailing that I was most excited for the on robot mode have to be the subtle additions to the face (yellow pin striping over the eyebrows) along with the “NO STEP” printed on the tops of his hands, as you see him reaching for the server unit inside of the base.

As we make our way to the weaponry, this Blackout is geared up. The figure includes dual mind guns which can be utilized in both robot and vehicle modes, along with a rotating chest port to reveal the chest cannon that he uses in the airfare base. Additionally Blackout includes 2 all new PVC blast effects which use our 3mm post system, and can be plugged into any of these weapon locations.

Lastly, he includes his screen accurate arm mounted rotor blades, with a rotating top surface to alternate between the helicopter accurate face, vs the robot weaponized surface.

Stand tuned for more details when I cover off on a traditional Screen to Toy breakdown for MPM Blackout.

Movie Masterpiece Blackout sure looks like one impressive figure and it is an absolute treat that we get such behind-the-scenes knowledge nowadays.  The figure is not yet up for pre-order, nor do we have an exact release date yet. Information will most likely be revealed for the Chinese market before other countries. Once it is available it will be posted on Ben's World of Transformers!

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