Toy News: Official Images of the "Legacy Evolution" War Dawn 2-Pack


The Generation One cartoon had many classic episodes and one of them was "War Dawn".  In this episode, the Aerialbots are throw back in time to a pre-war Cybertron where they got to see the first day of the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons.  During this adventure they met two characters: Dion and Eriel (aka Arial if you prefer).  You can watch the episode below (via Hasbro Pulse's Youtube):

In celebration of this episode, Hasbro announced back in April that it would be releasing a Legacy Evolution 2-Pack featuring Dion and Eriel!  This is a follow up to the Alpha Trion/Orion Pax 2-Pack based on the same episode and offers fans the chance to add these classic characters to their collections!  This set is not yet up for order at Hasbro Pulse, but given how other items are going up over this SDCC 2023 weekend I would expect it to be available soon!  For now, check out the official images and video of the figures below:
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