Toy News: Behind the Scenes Info & Images for "Buzzworthy Bumblebee" Bonecrusher


Hasbro Transformers Design Manager Sam Smith has posted some more behind-the-scenes information about an upcoming release on Instagram.  This time out, the focus is on the Buzzworthy Bumblebee Bonecrusher that went up fore pre-order today.  Many fans were wondering about how the Decepticon would be working with the Autobot-allied organization N.E.S.T.  Well, Sam gives us that info and more!  Check out the info mirrored below:


One of the best ways to kick off the weekend is with some new Transformers drops, especially when they come as a surprise for our team as well! I have a couple of items to share, but we’ll get started with N.E.S.T. BONCRUSHER.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Wait, Isn’t this guy a deception? didn’t he die in Movie 1? Before N.E.S.T. was established in Revenge of the Fallen?” You betcha! So why is he showing up as an autobot clad in NEST colors? Because he’s in disguise! At least that’s how this character was justified as we planned him out for this program. While Bonecrusher does get defeated in the highway battle with Optimus Prime in movie 1, his character reappears in the desert battle of Revenge of the Fallen, so in some form of continuity, he is still around during the inception of the NEST program. Bonecrushers vehicle form as a licensed Buffalo Mine Sweeper is a perfect troop transport, so while we were identifying alt modes that might lend them selves to work for this segment, Bonecrusher rose to the top.

While establishing the deco for this character, I did want to ensure that he remained a deception, but perhaps he was doing a reconnaissance mission for Megatron. His fictional serial number on the side of the vehicle translates to “ALL HAIL MEGATRON” and a deception logo that is hidden behind his spare tire gets revealed during transformation.

The color palette for this segment was a lot of fun to work in, and it relied heavily on varying shades of grays and blacks. It also provided the opportunity to revisit Bonecrushers vehicle mode, and highlight a lot of painted detail in places that were not utilized in the original release. You will find a lot more lights on this vehicle form, as well as some intricate mechanical detailing on the robot mode.

Overall I had a blast working on this guy, and it was a fun deviation to work some storytelling into the pack, even if its only intent was to assist me in creating the deco spec. I hope you all enjoy him as much as I do, but be sure to let me know your thoughts below!
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