Toy News: Official HasLab Deathsaurus Unboxing Video by Hasbro

For those who backed HasLab Deathsaurus, the end of 2023 will be exciting as the giant Space Chicken of Destruction himself is due to ship and be in fan's hands by the end of the year!  Toe celebrate this Hasbro has released an unboxing video showing off what fans can expect when they have this awesome set in their hands.  Below are screen captures from the video, highlights from the video and the video itself embedded into this post.  Enjoy!

Toy News: Dengeki Hobby Posts "Beast Wars Again" Phantom Showdown 2-Pack

For months now Takara Tomy has been revealing a series called Beast Wars Again, featuring redecos of existing Generations figures representing Beast Wars characters (such as the Dinobot vs Tarantulas set).  Their latest two pack is a surprise, featuring Voyager Class Starscream in translucent colors as Starscream's Ghost!  The other figure in the "Phantom Showdown" pack is Waspinator!  Waspinator was already released previously as part of the Cheetor/Waspinator two pack, but this time out he has a dif

Toy News: Official Images, Info & Preorder Links for "Collaborative" Frankentron

Over two hundred years ago the author Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein (aka The Modern Prometheus). This novel focused on a young scientist named Victor Frankenstein who would create a sentient creature known as "Frankenstein's Monster" (pop culture often misidentifies the creature as Frankenstein himself). Many consider this work one of the first published works of science fiction. The Transformers franchise is full of references to life being created and characters being built out of necesity.