Toy News: Stock Photos of "Legacy" Road Pig Released

Thanks to the folks over at In Demand Toys UK we have our first semi-official look at the upcoming Legacy Road Pig!  This character first appeared as "Laser Cycle" in Generation 2, featuring a light up weapon.  This new version of the figure does not light up, but it features translucent parts in pink that echo the weapon of the original.  It also appears to include a ninja star weapon from the Legacy "Animated" Prowl sculpt.  He also has the G2 Decepticon symbol and the word "Transformers" printed on in

Toy News: Official Info & Images of "Studio Series 86" Commander Class Optimus Prime

Initially leaked yesterday by Amazon UK and Amazon Germany, Hasbro has officially released info, images and pre-orders for Studio Series 86 Commander Class Optimus Prime!  Check out the official info (from Amazon) and images (from BigBadToyStore and Amazon) below including a bonus look at the figure's transformation courtesy of Hasbro Designer Evan Brooks!  Using the preorder links alone will also help support Ben's World of Transformers!

Comic Books: Stand with Optimus Prime: First Look at TRANSFORMERS #11 By Daniel Warren Johnson and Jorge Corona


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Toy News: "Studio Series 86" Optimus Prime Leaked by Amazon

Earlier today, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany posted listings for the long rumored Studio Series 86 Commander Class Optimus Prime!  As of this evening the listings are still up and thanks to them we have official product images of this figure!  A few years ago we got Masterpiece MP44 Convoy which seemed to be the definitive "animated Optimus Prime" figure, but its cost was rather prohibitive.  Now for much less it appears fans will have a chance at adding a G1<