Toy News: "Masterpiece" Dark Amber Lioconvoy Revealed


Takara Tomy Mall has posted a listing for an upcoming redeco of Masterpiece Lioconvoy: Dark Amber LioConvoy (MP-48+)!  This figure is priced at 22,000 Yen (about $161.84 USD).   This figure is due for release in late January 2023.  For now, check out the official product info (via Google Translate) and renders below:

Residual Angolmois energy derived from Unicron is concentrated and compressed in the earth's crust to become jet-black dark energy, and the legendary green lion: Leo Prime's sparkless body is fused with the fateful prime, "Dark Amber Leoplime".
Transforms from a jet-black lion into a robot.
The long-awaited MP-48 Rio Convoy has been recolored and given a new character setting, making it even more attractive. Although it is a popular classic villain color, its heroic modeling is ideal as a collection item.

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