Toys: Photos of Hasbro's "Rise of the Beasts" Promotional Mailer


The debut of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is about one week away in the United States.  As part of the celebration of the film's release, Hasbro has sent Ben's World of Transformers a wonderful promotional mailer filled with Rise of the Beasts merchandise!  The box itself looks like some type of Cybertronian supply drop, featuring metallic looking graphics.  Details like "vents" and hinges suggest that there is something contained within (perhaps beastly beings?!).  Graphics also include wear and tear along with  leaves and vines, looking like this Cybertronian container has been in the jungle for a long time.  The back features a gigantic Maximal symbol that looks like it has been bolted into the container.

Opening up the box reveals the inside features the green and black jungle graphics first seen on the official Takara Tomy Rise of the Beasts site.  The box contents are very impressive including (links below are a mixture of news items, review links and affiliate sites):

Ben's World of Transformers would like to offer its sincerest thanks to Hasbro for providing such an amazing array of merchandise to feature on the site.  I'll be going through these items to review for BWTF in the coming weeks!

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