Games: "Transformers: Tactical Arena" Rolls Out as a Free-to-Play Game on the App Store Today


The field of mobile Transformers games is widening with the release of Transformers: Tactical Arena!  Today the game launches as a free-to-play game today, exclusively on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.  First check out the launch trailer below, then see the official press release and images from the game!


TRANSFORMERS: TACTICAL ARENA Rolls Out as a Free-to-Play Game on the App Store Today 

Prepare for battle! The real-time PvP strategy game is launching exclusively on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA — June 1, 2023 — TRANSFORMERS: TACTICAL ARENA is launching as a free-to-play game today, exclusively on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The PvP, real-time strategy game developed by Red Games Co. features collectible Transformers characters played in high-intensity, tower-defense style battle arenas.  

Originally released on Apple Arcade, fans of the Transformers franchise now have the opportunity to join the fight with Autobots, Maximals, Decepticons, and Predacons from their Apple device via the App Store. Players will assemble a squad of their favorite Transformers bots and battle their way through competitive arenas. They will unlock, collect, and level-up new characters, master their unique abilities, and evolve their strategy to gain a competitive advantage and conquer their opponents.

Players will compete against others worldwide in real-time 1v1 battles. Lasting an average of three minutes per battle, each action-packed second counts and every move could spell victory or defeat. With dozens of fan-favorite Transformers characters, powerful structures, and an arsenal of tactical support units, no two battles are alike. 

"We're beyond excited to bring TRANSFORMERS: TACTICAL ARENA exclusively to the Apple App Store. This is the ultimate game for players who enjoy RTS games, and who are fans of the Transformers brand," said Brian Lovell,  CEO of Red Games Co., the development studio behind the game. 

“This summer is an exciting time for the Transformers brand, and it’s the perfect opportunity to bring TRANSFORMERS: TACTICAL ARENA to a wide audience on the Apple App Store in collaboration with Red Games Co.” said Eugene Evans, Wizards of the Coast, SVP Business Development & Digital Licensing. “Strategy fans will enjoy this action-packed mobile game featuring legendary characters from across the Transformers universe.”

With daily and weekly challenges and limited-time events, there's always something happening to connect the global community of gamers in TRANSFORMERS: TACTICAL ARENA. The game is free to play, but players can enhance their gameplay experience and unleash even more power with optional in-game purchases. 

Available in 14 languages, fans worldwide can now download TRANSFORMERS: TACTICAL ARENA on iOS, iPad, and MacOS devices from the App Store. Learn more at Prepare for battle and join the fight for Cybertron today.

Red Games Co. is a game development studio based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Los Angeles, California, focused on creating fun, competitive, and everybody-friendly games. The studio creates original games that players of all ages and abilities can enjoy based on its own internal IP as well licensed IP from longtime partners (including Hasbro, LEGO®, and Crayola). Red Games Co.’s hit games and apps include TRANSFORMERS: TACTICAL ARENA, LEGO® Brawls, Crayola Create and Play, Solitaire Stories, Super Mega Mini Party, and Bold Moves. “Our mission is to create games that multigenerational audiences love to play, friends and families can enjoy together, and parents can endorse,” says Red Games Co. CEO Brian Lovell. For more information, visit

The TRANSFORMERS brand is a global powerhouse franchise with millions of fans around the world. Since 1984, the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons has come to life in movies, TV shows, comic books, innovative toys, and digital media, bringing incredible “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE” experiences to fans of all ages. The brand’s enduring connection is made possible by its rich storytelling and characters: the heroic Autobots who seek to protect all life, and the evil Decepticons who seek to conquer the universe. The TRANSFORMERS brand is a Hasbro franchise.

Source:  Press Release Materials sent by Red Games co.

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