Toy News: "Movie Masterpiece" Autobot Ratchet Pre-Orders Live

Note: This news item was originally intended to be posted June 1, 2020

Hasbro has announced pre-orders for the Movie Masterpiece Autobot Ratchet, featuring the Autobot medic as he appeared in the 2007 live action film! Check out the official product description and images below.

Transformers: Movie Masterpiece Series MPM-11 Autobot Ratchet (Ages 8 and Up/Approx. Retail Price $119.99/ Available 11/1/2020) Recreate your favorite Ratchet scene from the first Transformers movie with the new Movie Masterpiece Autobot Ratchet! The MPM-11 Autobot Ratchet figure completes the Autobots featured in the 2007 film. It is an authentic Transformers collectible figure inspired by the CAD files from the first Transformers film and includes die cast parts and 180 deco ops with over 35 points of articulation. The MPM-11 Autobot Ratchet figure stands at 7.5 inches in robot mode and converts into the movie-inspired officially licensed Hummer H2 SUV in 61 steps. The Hummer mode is modified for emergency duty with detailed rescue equipment mounted along the top of the vehicle including jaws of life, heavy equipment jack, prybar, and shovel. The figure features highly articulated hands, a moveable mouth, laser cannon, buzz saw and 2 missile arm attachment accessories.

Modeled after the Transformers live action movies, Movie Masterpiece authentic figures feature film-inspired details and accessories, ideal for displaying on collectors’ shelves. Available exclusively at and in-store 11/1/2020.

This item is available for pre-order now on

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