Toy News: Hasbro Pulse June 23, 2022 Live Stream Round Up


On June 23, 2022 Hasbro Pulse held a Transformers Fanstream showing off a bunch of upcoming products!  You can check out the video in the embed below.  Here's a quick round up and gallery of screen shots of what was revealed today!

Velocitron Speedia 500 Wal-Mart Exclusive Capsule
A Wal-Mart exclusive line of figures based on the "Speedia 500" race on Velocitron.  Figures will be packaged in vehicle mode in G1 style boxes with open windows.  Weapons will be wrapped in tissue paper and taped to the back of the cardboard trays.  These figures should be going on pre-order in July 2022.
  • Blurr: Featuring the Studio Series 86 Blurr with retooled parts including a head based on his IDW Publishing appearance.
  • Burnout:  A redeco and retool of Skids based on the Diaclone black deco of the Honda City Turbo sculpt.
  • Road Rocket: Based on the G2 Laser Cycle and a redeco/retool of Legacy Arcee.  Interestingly called out as a "she" by Mark.
  • Clamp Down: A redeco of Kingdom Red Alert based with a Diaclone inspired deco.
  • Cosmos: A brand new Deluxe Class sculpt featuring the Autobot inspired by his chunky animated appearance.  Serves as the announcer for the race and has a checkered flag that doubles as a weapon.
  • Hauler: Voyager Class redeco/retool of the Grapple/Inferno sculpt.  Features a new head sculpt and acts as the guy who cleans up the race track after races.
  • Override: Voyager Class and a brand new sculpt.  Originally featured light piping but ultimately the eyes were painted blue.
  • Black Convoy/Scourge: A redeco of Legacy Laser Optimus Prime.  Called out as from the Robots in Disguise 2000 universe (likely a reference to the year Car Robots was released).

As previously revealed, the Collaborative Top Gun Maverick figure will be reissued.  However, its packaging has been changed to accurately reflect the film's release date this year and (I think) the volleyball accessory has been removed to maintain the exclusivity of the original release.

The next wave of R.E.D. figures will include Transformers Prime Optimus Prime and Megatron along with G1 Thundercracker.  The figures will now be packaged in a closed box with character art in front and the accessories called out on the sides.

Shattered Glass
The next figure in the Shattered Glass series is Slicer.  With a deco based on the Action Master character of the same name, this figure can double as the Shattered Glass character or Action Master Slicer.  In a surprise reveal, he will come with a redeco of Earthrise Fasttrack as his Exo-Suit!  This set goes up for pre-order for Hasbro Pulse Premium members at 1pm ET on June 23, 2022 and then 2pm for everyone else.

VR Game
Gaming chain Dave & Buster's is now featuring a Transformers VR Game: "Transformers: Decepticon Invasion" where you can play as Autobots or Decepticons battling it out in a virtual landscape.

While many of the figures revealed (okay, almost all) have been leaked in some way or another already, it was great to see the official presentation and get Mark's thoughts on them from a design perspective.  Looking forward to more reveals in the future!

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