Movie News: Artist Rob Wiggins Reveals Cheetor Concept Art


Around the time The Last Knight was preparing to roar into theaters, Paramount commissioned a "writer's room" to put together ideas for potential live action Transformers films to continue the successful franchise. One of the concepts that came out of that room was a Beast Wars themed movie that was never produced. Thanks to artist Rob Wiggins however, we now have a look at a bit of what might have been via renders of concept art for a big screen Cheetor!

While intended for Beast Wars, this model has obvious influences from the live action films including a layered look with lots of sharp edges. The head has some similar lines to the original Cheetor design (specifically the panels sticking out at angles on the top of the head) but clearly this would have been a very different take on the character.

I have only mirrored a couple of images here. Check out Rob Wiggins' page for more images.

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