Toy News: New Images of "Legacy" Volcanicus


Hasbro Transformers designer Evan Brooks has taken to Instagram to share some cool new pics of Legacy Evolution Volcanicus!  He is careful not to include Snarl (who has yet to be officially revealed) so Volcanicus has two "Grimlock legs" instead.  However, these give us a great look at the Combiner form of the Core Class Dinobots and Brooks has also shared Skarr's concept art and some cool info!  Check it all out below:

Playing a bit of catch up since I forgot we were revealing Core Class Swoop and Skarr so soon!

These guys form the arms of Volcanicus that you can see in the first few photos. This gives the combined form pretty standard DLX articulation. He has shoulder rotation and raising, Bicep swivels and his hands can accept 5mm port weapons.

You can see that the waist and leg joints of Swoop and Scarr give Volcanicus the arm articulation similar to how Combiner Wars figures worked a few years ago.

I just think the combined form is pretty neat.

We've just got Snarl left!
Hopefully we'll be showing off the last foot soon.

Swoop compacts nicely into his Pterodactyl form and his wings give the combined form a nice spiky arm detail.
We were able to give him ball joint elbows since he's not as bulky as the other dinosaur forms.

Attached at the end is my concept drawing for Skarr. I based my drawing off the Comic appearance drawn by Livio Ramondelli from the Monstrosity arc of the IDW continuity. I was afraid (loaded with anxiety) that he wouldn't stand out/look like he belonged with the other Dinobots but I think we got there. He turned into quite a beefy tank by the end.

He gives Volcanicus a mean left hook!

Hope you all are enjoying what we've shown so far and look forward to the last reveal for these Core Class Dinbots!


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