Toy News: Pre-Orders for "Generations Selects" Artfire with Nightstick Go Live


A few days ago online retailer In Demand Toys revealed the upcoming Generations Selects Artfire with Nightstick. Most fans thought the figure would be revealed during Friday's fan event, but there was no mention of him. Then today on the Official Transformers Facebook Page announced Artfire officially as part of "Transformers Tuesday"! The figure is now up for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth. Pre-order using the links above to reserve your copy of this figure and support BWTF! And while you wait, check out the official product description and images below courtesy of Hasbro!

Transformers: Generations Selects Voyager WFC-GS26 Artfire and Nightstick
(Ages 8 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $34.99 / Available: September 1, 2021)
This ARTFIRE figure is inspired by the original 1987 TARGETMASTER figure and comes with his TARGETMASTER partner, NIGHTSTICK, like in the original release. Fans can attach the blast effects to the NIGHTSTICK figure in blaster mode, and the ARTFIRE firetruck mode features an extendable ladder that can be ratcheted to different angles. The WFC-GS26 Voyager ARTFIRE figure stands at 7 inches tall, converts from robot mode to firetruck mode in 18 steps, and comes with shoulder blaster, blaster and 2 removable fire hose accessories, plus 4 blast effects.

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