HasLab: Hasbro and CBR Official Reveal Victory Saber Tier 3 Unlocks - UPDATED


UPDATE: Hasbro has posted all new images of Victory Saber in beautiful color on their site.  I have mirrored them in the gallery at the bottom of this news item!

Original News Item: With the funding of Victory Saber, fans who are participating in this crowdfunded campaign will be getting Star Saber and Victory Leo. However, HasLab has more in mind than just the figures. The first two stretch goals were revealed a while back, consisting of the V-Lock Cannon, Blast Effects and a Stand. Now the third goal (requiring 20,000 backers) has been revealed via CBR.COM! While fan speculation about Victory Saber's shield has been proven correct, the Micromasters Holi and Fire are also part of the unlock! These two figures are redecos of the Micromasters released for Siege. Check out the awesome pics below which even include the super obscure base mode for Star Saber!

Lightbox Gallery