Toy News: "BotBots" Series 6 Catalog Posted Online


BotBots Transformers roared onto the scene in 2018 with much fanfare. They had a heavy presence at Toy Fair two years in a row and they have been licensed for books and apparel. Many fans warmly embraced this unusual and cute addition to the Transformers brand, but in 2020 the line seemed to have come to a halt. The fifth series of figures was not released in anywhere near the same numbers and even more confusing, they came out at the same time with series four before quickly vanishing from toy store shelves.

What followed was a lot of earlier series going on clearance and BotBots have not had a significant shelf presence since. But, as an awesome Transformers writer once never ends! In a surprise move, Hasbro has listed the catalog for Series 6 on their site! Series 6 introduces a couple new Tribes and expands on others. The new tribes include the Caffeine Collective, Play Plexers and the Pet Mob. Most of the line is made up of redecos, but Hasbro has been rather creative with the use of the pre-existing sculpts including "The Dooks" who...well, let's just say I never expected to see this in a Transformers line (and I am amused).

No word on when this series will be available, but once it goes on sale I'll be sure to post about it on BWTF!