Toy News: What's with those "Legacy" weapons anyhow? Hasbro's Mark Maher Reveals the Answer!


Since the Legacy line launched, fans have noticed the figures come with all sorts of interesting weapons including Kickback's "blade weapons" and Skids' axe.  Now thanks to Hasbro's Mark Maher, we have an official explanation for them.  Riffing off a gimmick from Energon, these weapons are meant to go together to form combinations that are only limited by your imagination (okay, and their inherent design).  Check out the info from Mark's Instagram and images below:

Energon consumption time!!! I really hope everyone is enjoying the portal ride of our Legacy toyline.Here is a lil insight on how some of these energon weapons came to be.

First image is just a showcase of the first 2 waves of Legacy weaponry you’ll collect if you grab core class, deluxe class, voyager class, and even leader class!

Then you will actually see the concept art Emiliano Santalucia drew up even before we had the rollout of characters planned for the year. I think this will provide great insight for all yall as alot of the planning for weapon combinations was to obviously utilize our 5mm peg across all scales but this was all sold in before character selects were figured out.

As I worked with Takara on some of the characters I ended up redesigning alot of the weapons in order to maintain their design aesthetic of their own iconic weaponry. I wanted to concentrate heavily on the character and let that guidance provide an opportunity for the style and color of the energon weaponry.

Please be sure to share your rad energon weapon combinations, would love to get some more time to talk about some of the new energon featured in some of characters arsenals. Especially that smoked out death soul energon featured in Jhiaxus’s handheld blaster ☠️!

More soon, stay tuned, if we reach higher followers maybe I can start doing giveaways!!!!