Game News: This Weekend "Earth Wars" Has Tricks AND Treats


Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Halloween is upon us! Take part in this weekend's event for a trick ..or treat! Trick & Treat Welcome to week 4!

Halloween is coming to Earth Wars this weekend, and you’ll be able to obtain a Bag o’ Tricks - will you pull a trick or a treat?

Take part in this weekend's event to win up to:

  • Up to 10 Bag o' Tricks Chest - Each containing equal chances to drop a Trick (5x Kremzeek Battle Boosters) or a Treat (30x 5-Star Shards)
  • Up to 1,500 4-Star Shards
  • Up to 3,000 3-Star Shards
  • Up to 10,000 Premium Shards
  • Up to 20,000,000 Alloy & Energon
  • Up to 150,000 Spark

Event Type: Individual Totaliser
Start Date: 29/10/2021 10:00 UTC
End Date: 01/11/2021 10:00 UTC
Bot Experience: SUPER XP
Prestige: 10

Event Battle Zones

Totaliser Prizes

*Bag o' Tricks Chest contains:

Upcoming Bots
Check out both Blurr and Runabout! They'll both be joining the Earth Wars universe very soon!

... and introducing Runabout!

Upcoming C.O.M.B.A.Ts

Check out both Dazzlestrike and Giza!

They'll both be joining the Earth Wars universe this weekend! As a sword Dazzlestrike and Giza increase normal damage by a percentage and dazzles enemies for 4/6/10/15 secs every 20 secs (reducing their range by 80%). If your bot dies, Dazzlestrike and Giza turn into a robotic lion/Bird Of Prey with an amount of health. Game Updates & Information We have some news on a few things that the team has been working on in the background, and we’re keen to share them with you!

5-Star Vote
Take part in our Discord 5-Star vote!

This time around, the Development team is allowing the community to choose two out of the five bots that will become a 5-Star, and how generous of them to do so.

If you are a Discord member, you are able to take part in the Public 5-Star poll. If you are a VIP member, you will be able to take part in both the Public & VIP poll.

Right now, it’s a race between 2 very exciting bots - your votes count!

Join our Discord server now to vote:

Bundle Weekend From the 29th - 1st November, the following bundles will be available:

Bot Bundles - Dazzlestrike & Giza - Sheeldron & Fangtron - Airazor & Tonbot - Rattrap & Vertebreak

Crystals - Trick or Treat Crystal

Specials - Trick or Treat Bundle

What’s in this weekend's Halloween bundles?!

For this weekend only, our Premium Crystal will be discounted from 450 to 360 while the Premium Chip will be discounted from 225 to 180. We also have a Halloween special bundle:

This weekend we'll have a Halloween special bundle that begins at the $10 price point. Available this weekend only!

$10 20 Premium Crystals 20 Premium Chips 15,000 Spark 15,000 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark 15,000 Combiner Spark 3 Bag o' Tricks Chests

$20 40 Premium Crystals 40 Premium Chips 30,000 Spark 30,000 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark 30,000 Combiner Spark 6 Bag o' Tricks Chests

$40 80 Premium Crystals 80 Premium Chips 60,000 Spark 60,000 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark 60,000 Combiner Spark 12 Bag o' Tricks Chests

$100 200 Premium Crystals 200 Premium Chips 150,000 Spark 150,000 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark 150,000 Combiner Spark 30 Bag o' Tricks Chests *Bag o' Tricks Chest contains:

War Mode
We've updated War Mode for Prime League Hard Mode, Prime League & Cybertron Hard Mode!

We are now going to work hard to work on new effects to have them ready as quickly as possible. We are very open to having a selection of effects so that we're able to rotate them quicker.

Prime League Hard Mode Effects

  • Outpost Combiner has 50% more HP
  • +20% HP & 25% DPS for all Defences
  • 50% Fire DMG resistance for all Buildings

Prime League Effects

  • MDS resists 50% of Ability DMG
  • MDS, Shock Towers & Spider Mines can't be hacked
  • +75% Attack Speed for Cannons

Cybertron Hard Mode Effects

  • Outpost Combiner has 25% more HP
  • +20% HP & 25% DPS for all Defences
  • 50% Fire DMG resistance for all Buildings

Community Corner
A massive shoutout to our community who've been posting their art & creations on Discord. We just had to share these with you!

1 - You know we love our drawings, and we just had to feature this one. SergeantJack’s son, Caleb, drew this wonderful drawing using a variety of Shockwave figures for inspiration! 2 - It’s been a while since we’ve shown off some toy collections - check out this collection from Genji! Keep posting your art on Discord to feature in our community corner, we love seeing it!

Saga Schedule
It’s week 4 out of 6!

We're just over halfway through the current Saga!

The schedule below is subject to change, and you can always find those changes that are made by joining our Discord server and checking out our #event_updates channel. Bug fixes & Improvements The following changes & fixes will go live on Thursday 28th October:

  • Airazor and Tonbot
  • Both C.O.M.B.A.T. Bots are now part of Character, Premium, and the free C.O.M.B.A.T. Chips!
  • Snapdragon
  • We have stopped Snapdragon’s Mach 3 Ability from applying 2X the damage on the HQ if it is the target of the rush. This is to make it consistent with any other effects that apply extra damage that can’t be applied to the HQ (Glass Gass, White Kremzeek etc).
  • Titans
  • The team is continuing to push various patches to anything we've spotted either on Discord or in Tickets. Thanks for your help so far!

Join us as we talk about game improvements, new features, upcoming bots, and more. We're LIVE on Thursday 28th October 16:00 UTC

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