Toy News: Takara Tomy Posts Listing for "Masterpiece" Skyfire


After an initial leak, Takara Tomy Mall has posted the official listing for Masterpiece Skyfire!  This piece is priced at a whopping 35,000 Yen (about $296 USD) and due for release in late January 2023.  Check out the product info and images below as translated via Google Translate.

The first appearance is the episode "Regeneration of Skyfire" at the end of "Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformer". He has since become a valuable air force for Cybertron, and has taken advantage of the huge body of Vehicle Mode to transport his companions. Although the number of appearances is small, the backbone told in the leading episode is impressive, and it is a popular character that will appear in the live-action movie later. Also, as a toy, this is the first time that it has been made into a three-dimensional model specializing in anime design.

The most important thing in making a masterpiece was the thorough reproduction of the animated version of the styling in robot mode and vehicle mode. The robot mode, which has a height that exceeds the convoy, is equipped with a full range of movable structures.

Speaking of Skyfire, he has a unique history of having once stood up as an enemy of convoys. The chest emblem can be reproduced in a total of three types: a plain state that looks like it was before the war, a state that was deceived by Megatron and became a Destron, and a state that you chose Cybertron yourself.

The familiar replacement face of the masterpiece also comes with mask parts that are reminiscent of old toys.

By the way, these emblems and replacement faces can be stored in the [inside] of the Skyfire body for storage and loss prevention after playing. I want you to use it to prevent loss.

And, after all, the vehicle mode with a characteristic angular form, which is attractive for the design faithful to the animation, thoroughly reproduces the SF jet aircraft of Cybertron mode.

The hovering form "Alternate Transformation" mode, which is derived from the original toy with the legs expanded from the vehicle, is also possible. It also comes with a TF power base that can be displayed in flight.

Focusing on the activity as a transport aircraft in the play, a hatch is added to the cockpit and others as a unique gimmick. A base play-like play value using the attached small figure, which is suitable for this product boasting the maximum volume of the masterpiece, has been added. Enjoy the ultimate Skyfire with the styling and gimmicks of a large masterpiece.

Saigoni-Message from designer Mitsuhito Ohno
So far, many Skyfire products have been released, but none have been faithful to the anime settings.
The toys at the time of the anime broadcast had quite different anime design settings, so if I wanted to commercialize Skyfire with a masterpiece, I wanted to put out something close to the anime settings.

In addition, the masterpiece has a unified scale, so if you match the skyfire to the masterpiece scale, it will be quite large. I was very worried about how close it was to the setting and whether the product volume was okay. The size of the robot is matched with other masterpiece products, and the size of the vehicle mode expresses the scale as set in the animation by attaching a mini robot figure. The finished product is the largest product in the Masterpiece series.

By attaching a mini robot figure, you can board the cockpit and put it in various places so that you can play like a base. We have selected three bodies that stood out in the animation, making it possible to reproduce the scene.
Also, this time, we are making it so that the alternate transformation mode, which was not available in the previous Skyfire products, can be used. This is also one of the attractions of this product.

The difficult part in product development was how to make the upper part of the jet aircraft compact in robot mode.
I think that you can feel the commitment that if you transform the product, it will be so compact.
In addition, even if the size of the robot is large, we made a wide range of motion so that you can take a cool pose, so please try to reproduce the scene in the animation and play.

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