Toy News: "Studio Series" Hot Rod and Scourge Found at US Retail


December has been an exciting month for Transformers fans who pre-ordered figures early in the year. Many figures from God Neptune to the Ratchet/Paradron Medic two pack have been shipping, and now fans have two more figures to keep an eye out for in the US! Fellow fan Yousef Jazayri as posted a sighting on the Transformers Addicts! Facebook Page showing what may be the first US retail sighting of Studio Series 86 Hot Rod and Scourge! The two figures were found at a Target in Southern California in the Norwalk area. There was no embargo on them and he was able to purchase the figures without a problem!

For those of you hoping to look up the figures on Brickseek, Hot Rod's DCPI is 087-06-3024 and Scourge's is 087-06-2679. Good luck!

Image credit goes to Yousef Jazayri.