Artist News: José Delbo Makes History with NFT Artwork Sales


José Delbo is best known to Transformers fans as one of the primary artists for the Marvel G1 title in the 80's. His unique style had an near-animated style to it and gave the characters very expressive facial expressions.

Delbo left Marvel quite some time ago, but he is still a talented artist who recently made it into the news! According to the LA Times, Delbo recently sold some artwork in an unconventional way. Using NFTs (nonfungible tokens), Delbo and the artist team Hackatao worked together and wound up making about $2 million from a set of NFTs! This story made many news venues including Bloomberg and The Verge. This also caused quite a controversy about the work that artists can or cannot sell.

You can check out José Delbo's official web site here to see what he is up to nowadays.