Collectible News: Tongshifu Announces "Transformers" National Style Special Edition based on Ancient Chinese Warriors


Chinese statue company Tongshifu has announced a new sub-line of their Transformers branded statues. In a very unusual offering, this line features four characters under the banner of "Rise of the Beasts", even though only two of these characters appeared in that film. Each of these statues features a Transformer in ancient Chinese battle armor, giving them a very distinctive appearance.

These statues are made of materials that include brass, red copper and bronze. According to Tongshifu's Taobao listing, the statues are generally hollow to save on manufacturing and transportation costs.

Check out the descriptions of the statues below (as translated by Google Translate and the image gallery below featuring over 80 mirrored images from Tongshifu's Taobao listing.

General Optimus Prime
As the legendary leader of the heroic Autobots, Optimus Prime puts on Chinese-style armor and holds the Autobot command flag, looking majestic. (49cm tall, 39.5 cm wide)

Bumblebee (One ride is like a thousand hornets)
Bumblebee, a reliable Autobot scout, puts on a Chinese-style armor and holds weapons, vowing to protect his friends and fight for the peace of the universe. (47cm tall, 25cm wide)

Megatron (The unparalleled hero Megatron) Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, an outstanding commander and warrior of the Decepticons has experienced many battlefield experiences and possesses an iron will that is never discouraged. (45cm tall, 33cm wide)

Grimlock (Ancient Mythical Beast)
Grimlock, the commander of the Autobots' robot dinosaur force, a shrewed and mature military general, is also an extremely important character in the history of Transformers. His courage is unparalleled. (31cm tall, 43.5 cm long).

These statues start at around 3999 Yuan (about $557.62 USD) each and as of now appear to only be available in Asia.


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