Toy News: Hasbro Reveals Painted Prototypes of HaLab Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Blue Bolts


Yesterday Hasbro Pulse posted a new video featuring the painted prototype model of the upcoming HasLab set featuring Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Blue Bolts!  Check out the video, screen captures and my notes from the video below:

Optimus Prime

  • HasLab Optimus Prime is a bit larger than the original "Car Robots" Fire Convoy
  • The ladder on HasLab Optimus Prime can extend.
  • A Titan Master can fit in the chair at the base of the ladder and in the "bucket" at the front.
  • Missile fold out of the ladder but do not launch.
  • The white color on HasLab Optimus will be brighter than the ones on the original Fire Convoy.
  • Optimus Prime's chest panel will not have vac metal because parts attach to it and cause the vac metal to scrape off.
  • Ensuring Optimus could handle all the armor pieces attached to him was a priority.
  • Optimus' feet were designed to add stability when standing in robot mode.

Ultra Magnus

  • Ultra Magnus can hold three Deluxe Class vehicles, two on top and one on the lower level.
  • Magnus will feature vac metal as it was a very prominent part of the original figure's deco.
  • Blue Bolts can sit on top of the vehicle mode just like it did on "Car Robots" God Magnus.
  • You can store parts of Blue Bolts in the back of Ultra Magnus' legs.  This helps fill them out as well.
  • The final Matrix accessory will be painted unlike the one shown in this video.
  • Ultra Magnus has large heels and ankle tilts to help pose him out.


  • The first tier for the Matrix Blade Accessory has been funded.  
  • The Global Space Bridge stands will fund at 16,000 backers


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