Toy News: "Legacy" Wreck 'N Rule Wreckers Hammer & Artwork Images


Hasbro Transformers Team Member Ben MacCrae has posted images on Instagram showing off the background artwork from the "Wreck 'N Rule" box art images and the fully assembled cardboard Hammer included with the set! Check out his write up and images mirrored below:

bmacatron84 It’s been a week of #Wreckers reveals. Here is the packaging artwork clean without the characters (scroll to see them on there). The entire packaging concept was @markclonus idea. Coming out of how we executed the #GoldenDisk collection we wanted to see if we could tell a story with the packaging. Mark said we needed to pay homage to Emirate Xaaron and this was what we got back.

After this came together we knew we had to include some type of shelf piece for Wreckers fans too. The hammer, while cardboard, came out really nice (3rd image). @aj.piejkobrown really gave us a unique piece here. It will look great on your shelf with the figures posed out.

What do you think? Wreckers season 2? Who do you want to see? We know there are others that we want, but you tell us.