Toy News: "Kingdom" Commander Class Rodimus Prime Revealed


Rumors have been circulating for months about a Commander Class Rodimus Prime figure, and now thanks to Figsoku on Twitter and Amazon Japan we have our first look at this new take on the "Chosen One" who took on the mantle of leadership after Optimus Prime! Rodimus Prime is priced at ¥ 14,300 (about $131.49) with a release date of August 1, 2021. Keep in mind, this pricing and release date are specific to the Japanese market. No official pricing outside of Japan has been revealed yet. Check out the images and product description (translated via Google Translate) below:

Reboot popular characters from TF history! Equipped with a common standard joint that can be equipped with weapons and effect parts. You can reproduce a more realistic battle scene. In the new series, the heroes who played an active part in that Beast Wars are finally participating! It is a new series "Kingdom" that decorates the final chapter of the trilogy! A new commander who inherited the matrix from Optimus Prime. He was worried about the pressure of being a leader and was taught by a kendo master. Armed with a long rifle called a photon eliminator, it also shoots a beam from the exhaust pipe on the arm. It transforms into a trailer truck of Cybertron, and the rear container also transforms into a mobile turret.

[Set Contents] Rodimus Prime Body (1), Trailer (1), Battery (1), Weapon (Gun) (1), Weapon (Sword) (1), Effect Parts (10), Matrix (1), Character Card (1), Instruction manual (1)