Toy News: New Photos of "Studio Series" Gnaw, Slug and Wreck-Gar


Takara Tomy has posted new listings on its web site for three of the upcoming Studio Series 1986 figures: Gnaw, Slug with Daniel Witwicky and Wreck-Gar. Gnaw is listed at 3520 Yen (about $32.13 USD), Slug at 7920 Yen (about $72.30 USD) and Wreck-Gar at 5500 Yen (about $50.21). Each figure is listed with a release date of November 2021. These are not the actual US prices of course, as generally Japanese prices for Transformers are higher than the prices of their US counterparts. Check out the official information (translated via Google) and images below:

Studio Series SS-70 Gnaw
Quintessa's servant, an executioner who transforms into a shark-shaped monster. Quintessa aliens captured aliens in a pseudo-trial, and they were acquitted uniformly and dropped into the pool and fed. Rodimus and his friends were sentenced in the same way, but managed to escape from the pool and fight with the swarming Gnaw.

Studio Series SS-71 Slug & Daniel Witwicky
Slug is a Dinobot flame warrior and a sub-leader of the team. Transforms into triceratops. It spits flames from its mouth, shoots a beam from its corners, and the collar decoration also acts as a shield that reflects the beam attack. Daniel Witwicky is an earthling boy who fights with Autobots and acts in space wearing an Excel suit that can be transformed into a car mode.

Studio Series SS-69 Wreck-Gar
Popular characters from successive movies are appearing one after another with unified scale and latest design in robot mode! This series is ideal for collections that can be enjoyed by reproducing the world of movies. The leader of the Jankion tribe , a super-robot lifeform that lives on the junk planet Jankion and transforms into motorcycles . Initially, he attacks Cybertron, but later reconciles and helps to overthrow Unicron.

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