Toy News: HasLab Victory Saber Updates Shows Off Engineering Sample


After many months without a significant update, we finally get to see where the HasLab Victory Saber project stands.  Hasbro has posted a video that gives fans a look at the Victory Saber Engineering Sample and every mode for both Star Saber and Victory Leo.  I took some notes while watching the video and you'll find over 50 screen caps in the gallery below.  You can watch the video on Hasbro's site here.

Star Saber Notes

  • Engineering samples DO NOT reflect final colors and have no deco.
  • Micromasters are still included but since they are just redecos they do not come with the engineering sample.
  • Star Saber is about a Commander Class size, taller than Siege Optimus Prime.
  • Sword blade can be attached in two positions.
  • Arms have butterfly joints allowing Star Saber to hold sword in both hands.
  • Sword storage mirrors Anime with a 5mm port on his back.
  • Blade can store in the left leg.
  • Shield can either snap onto forearm or be held in his hand.
  • Shield can also act as a sheath for the sword and still stores on the arm.  Shield has additional 5mm ports for more weapon storage.
  • Sword can also attach to a 5mm port on the panel to the side of his waist.
  • Hands have the same gimmick as Commander Class Jetfire where the 5mm port slides out when the fist closes.
  • Plenty of ratchet joints on the figure and ankle swivels.
  • Saber is roughly a Deluxe Class figure.
  • The sword handle needs to be extended to attach the blade.
  • Brainmaster mini-figure fits in Saber's cockpit in vehicle mode.

Victory Leo & Victory Saber Notes

  • Yellow on Victory Leo's EP sample is pale compared to what will be on the final product.
  • Victory Leo is a "chunky" Voyager.
  • No waist articulation due to his transformation.
  • VLock Cannon can be held in a fist or attached to the hip.
  • Smaller cannons store on the back, but can be attached to the forearms or held in fists.
  • Blast Effects will be green in the final product.
  • V-Lock Cannon stores on back in combined form.
  • Shield stores over the cannon on the back.
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