Toy News: Official Images & Info for "Masterpiece" Riggorus


Takara Tomy Mall has updated its site with a new Masterpiece listing: Riggorus!  Wait, who?  Riggorus (who Google Translate spells as 'Rigoras') is a Decepticon Combat medica and a brand new character.  The figure is based on the yellow version of the figure that would eventually go on to become Trailbreaker in Generation One!  With the release of Masterpiece Trailbreaker, this was an inevitable redeco/retool.  Even better, this figure features the Diaclone inspired head sculpt (instead of the animated Trailbreaker's head).  Riggorus is priced at 24,200 Yen (about $169.61 USD) with a release date of late March 2024.  For now, check out the official product info (as translated by Google Translate) and images below: 

Transform from a yellow Hilux to a robot! The head reproduces the design of the time! Four weapons can be attached to both shoulders and both arms! The Force Barrier used by the anime Trail Breaker is included as an effect part!

Product contents Rigoras body (1), weapon A (2), weapon B (2), effect parts (force barrier) (1), character card (1), sticker (1), instruction manual (1)

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