Toy News: Macy's Launches Toy Section for the Holidays


Back in August it was announced that Macy's Department Stores would be teaming up with the United States remnants of Toys R Us to create toy sections in its stores for the holiday season.  As October comes to a close, these sections have begun to open!  I recently visited the Macy's in Woodbridge, New Jersey and snapped some pics of the area.  Interestingly, there is no Toys R Us branding (I expected a big sign or Geoffrey signs somewhere) but there were definitely toys!  Much to my delight I found Shadow Panther and Waspinator from Kingdom there (when local Walmarts and Targets have none).  For those worried that Macy's would overprice the toys, each Deluxe rang up at the MSRP of $22.99!  Check out the pics below and you may want to call your local Macy's to see if they have such a department set up.

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