Game News: Lots of updates are coming to "Earth Wars" including new kinds of shards and more!


Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it! Let’s find out what new way to unlock characters is!
March of the Multitudes

Take part in this weekend's event to win:
- Up to 30 Feastful Chests
- Up to 30 Shard Crystals
- Up to 3,000 Prime Core Shards
- Up to 10,500,000 Alloy
- Up to 10,500,000 Energon

Event Type: Individual Totaliser
Start Date: 27/11/2020 10:00 UTC
End Date: 30/11/2020 10:00 UTC
Bot Experience: TRIPLE XP
Prestiges: 30
Total Battle Points: 1,500

How to Participate?

  1. Reach HQ Level 4
  2. Tap the Event button!
  3. Select an Event Battle Zone to fight in!
  4. Win your battle and gather Battle Points!
  5. Collect prizes!

Event Battle Zones

Totaliser Prizes

* Each Feastful Chest contains a chance to win:

** Each Shard Crystal contains a chance to win:

New: Character Shards

Pretty soon you will be able to unlock guaranteed 4-Star Characters collecting and using Character Shards!

From Thursday (after a content push) you will now get Bot specific Character Shards when you buy a named bot bundle or you get a duplicate of a bot. You can then exchange those shards for a crystal that guarantees that bot through the MIA section and the new Bot shop in the Build menu.

When you buy a bundle or get a duplicate of any bot or C.O.M.B.A.T. bot, you will be seeing this new currency marked with the prism crystal on top of existing duplicate rewards.

You will get the following amount of shards from duplicates:

    4-Star: 500 Character Shards
    3-Star: 100 Character Shards
    2-Star: 20 Character Shards

Character Shards will remain in your amount until used to collect a character. They cannot be exchanged or used for other purposes. And also they cannot be claimed for previous purchases or duplicates as this new feature does not apply retroactively.

The totals of each bot shards can be checked by going into the new Bot Shop.


An Autobot and Decepticon section has opened in the shop. Pressing the Autobots or Decepticons logos will lead you to the Bot shop for each faction.

This shop contains the complete lineup of all the 4-Star Bots and C.O.M.B.A.T. characters released with a quick preview of how much shards for that character you have and how many you need to unlock the 4*.

Clicking on a bot will take you to a purchase screen, with more information about the shards system, and a “GET NOW” button that becomes active after you get enough shards.

Pressing the “GET NOW” button will award the player with one 4* guaranteed crystal for that specific bot. The crystal will be available in the Space Bridge.

The Autobot and Decepticon shop lineup will be updated as we release new characters and C.O.M.B.A.T. Power Cores.

MIA Section

You can also unlock missing Bots from the Missing In Action section in the team menu, including 4-Star, 3-Star and even the 2-Star version for the completionist collectors (exchange is limited to 1 and not available for C.O.M.B.A.T. characters)

Tapping on the missing bot portrait will you get this screen. And pressing the “GET NOW” will give you a crystal that contains that star version of the bot.

Q: How many bot shards will be required to exchange for a 4* guaranteed bot crystal?
A: You will be required to collect 7,500 bot shards.

Q: When can we see this new unlocking system?
A: It will go live with a content push this Thursday.

Black Friday: Bundle Galore!
This Black Friday all the best Transformers: Earth Wars bundles are ready for grabs!

Starting this Thursday 26th November 16:00 UTC and ending on Tuesday 1st December 00:00 UTC your shop will be updated on an hourly base to offer a new bundle.

This bundle will last 2 hours and will include some of the latest bots, C.O.M.B.A.T. characters and most used items.

All bundles offered during this campaign will include Total Spark Crystals in addition to the usual item lineup.

Each Total Spark Crystals contains equal chances to win:

    5,000 Spark (11.11% drop chance) or
    7,500 Spark (11.11% drop chance) or
    10,000 Spark (11.11% drop chance) or
    5,000 Combiner Spark (11.11% drop chance) or
    7,500 Combiner Spark (11.11% drop chance) or
    10,000 Combiner Spark (11.11% drop chance) or
    5,000 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark (11.11% drop chance) or
    7,500 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark (11.11% drop chance) or
    10,000 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark (11.11% drop chance)

Bundles will rotate to include the latest bots like:

Strafe & Thrust
Dinobot & Dinobot II
Nosecone & Drillhorn
Brainstorm & Guyhawk
Sixgun & Triggerhappy
Chromia & Fellbat
Lightspeed & Ironbison
Doubledealer & Douebledealer
Afterbreaker & Flamewar
Trailbreaker & Exhaust

And the latest C.O.M.B.A.T. characters like:

Firedrive & Blowpipe
Pteraxadon & Terror-daxtyl
Nightstalker & Ravage
Flak & Cratermaker
Lionizer & Catgut
Topshot & Fireline
Trenchfoot & Caliburst
Rung & Shrute
Dile & Overkill
Smashdown & Razor-Sharp

Special Black Friday bundles will be available in your store for a limited time!

Begins: Thursday, 26th 16:00 UTC
Ends: Tuesday, 1st at 00:00 UTC

Don't miss this opportunity to complete your Autobot and Decepticon collection!

Bug Fixes/Improvements
The following bug fixes/improvements are going live with a content push this Thursday.

  •  We have fixed an issue with Red Alert and Runamuck not receiving the benefits of Special Command and Special Force Power Core.
  •  We have implemented some further changes in order to mitigate pathing issues of bots (such as Afterbreaker and Flamewar) equipped with range power cores such as Flak and Cratermaker.
  •  We have fixed an issue that caused Springer and Astrotrain to be interrupted on their path to a targeted ally using Aerial Support.
  •  You can now sort troops in the Troop grid by the ones that need research.
  •  Faction sort, for the C.O.M.B.A.T. bots in the Power Core lab.

Update: Scattershot & Leozack
It’s still too early to reveal any additional information about the upcoming Scattershot and Leozack.

We have read your feedback on Leozack following the last sneak peek and have asked our artist to modify its head to make it look closer to the Victory cartoon.

Here is another sneak peek of the work that’s currently being done.
We will be able to show you both characters in their final form (and good lighting!) next week along with their bios written by Simon Furman.

Update: Glitch & Gatorface
We have revealed in our latest video stream that Glitch and Gatorface will be range C.O.M.B.A.T. bots and that only gunners will be able to equip them (along with Skyburst and Onslaught).

We will reveal more information in next week’s newsletter ahead of their release.

Community Content

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There will be no livestream this week. We're back on Thursday 3rd December 17:00 UTC