Toy News: J Balvin & Transformers Collaborative Figure Announced (then retracted)


Earlier this evening the Official NTWRK Instagram Account posted photos of an upcoming Collaborative figure featuring a cross over between the Colombian reggaeton singer J. Balvin and the Transformers brand! Within a couple hours, the post was taken down. Sites (including TFW2005) were able to capture the images beforehand however so I have mirrored them here.

This figure is a vibrant redeco of the G1 Soundwave reissue as "J. Balvintron". Instead of his normal weapons he includes a redeco of Jetfire's rifle and two Blast Effects. He will also include redecos of the G1 reissue Ravage and Laserbeak toys as "Vibras Stripes" and "Energia Buzzsaw". According to the post that was taken down, this will be available via the NTWRK app on Friday, July 2, at 7PM EDT.

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