Toys: Roboskull Mk II Kickstarter Closing Soon


In 1984/85 a rather wacky and crazy vehicle was produced for the Action Force toy line. Imagine a giant mechanical skull crossed with a Tie-Fighter from Star Wars. This vehicle is quite expensive on the after market and for many G.I. Joe and Action Force fans it is a treasured part of their collection or a much sought after piece.

Decades later, action figure fans have their chance at a modern day incarnation of this vehicle with the Roboskull MII Kickstarter Campaign! From the Kickstarter page:

Fueled by a love for 80s nostalgia and heavy metal, our international cabal of mad scientists have created the ROBOSKULL® MKII. Designed in a secret underground laboratory to be the ultimate action figure vehicle, ROBOSKULL® will melt faces and level up your play. Action figure fans rejoice, as your 1:18 scale, 1:12 scale, and yes, even some 1:60 scale toys can fully integrate into this death-dealing skullfighter from outer space. (That's right, compatible with 4", 6", and certain 1" action figures.)

Many fans have written to me about this Kickstarter and I have always considered G.I. Joe (and by extension, Action Force) sibling brands to Transformers so I thought I'd post about it here. I am not receiving anything for this mention, I just thought it was cool and other fans may want to know about it. If you do want to join the backers (only 50 hours to go!) then head over to Kickstarter!