Toy News: Stock Photos of "Rescue Bots" Spin-Off Line "Dinobot Adventures"


The folks at Autobase Aichi have posted a pile of what appear to be stock photos of an upcoming Rescue Bots spin-off series Dinobot Adventures! Most of these figures are direct redecos of previous Rescue Bots figures going back a few years. However, this time out the deco of many of these figures will look familiar to long time Transformers fans. They are largely based on the G1 Dinobots! Featuring greys, silvers, red and blue, this fun little sub-line clearly intends to call back to the G1 Dinobots. Check out the photos below. No official press releases have been put out for these figures but a listing on Entertainment Earth suggests they are due for release in July 2021. For now, enjoy the (likely) stock photos in the gallery below!

Lightbox Gallery