Toy News: Hasbro Confirms "Studio Series 86" Arcee is a Retool/Redeco of T30 Arcee


Hasbro designer Evan Brooks has updated his Instagram account with an update about the upcoming Studio Series 86 Arcee. When the figure was revealed in May many fans wondered if it was a new sculpt, Earthrise Arcee or the "Thrilling 30" version. Now we have our answer! Check out Brooks' post mirrored below:

I probably should of done this when pre-orders popped up but I wanted to show off our Studio Series 86 Arcee.

This figure is a partial of the T30 Arcee (as you all have guessed) and there are no earthrise parts present.

(Please excuse the sample that had the factory stamps on it. Final product will not have those.)

We had a limited budget for new parts and I wanted to get an 86 Arcee in the line so I asked Takara "I don't think we have enough parts to make the earthrise Arcee look like an 86 Arcee. How would the Takara team feel if we used the T30 Arcee as a base?" And that's what we did.

This marvelous feat of engineering is brought to you by Yuki san who blew it out of the park.

I'm going to keep this short since I'll do a more thorough design breakdown later but I just wanted to show off how much character you can get with her articulation.

She has a New head, forearms, torso, legs and the rear of the car.

Her transformation even gives her an Ab crunch that really helps with her posing.

Also she has a Gerwalker mode!

Haha, I hope you all enjoy this figure and thanks for supporting the SS86 line!

Studio Series 86 Arcee is available for pre-order now at Amazon, BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth. She is due for release in November 2022. Using any of these links also helps to support BWTF.

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