Toy News: Official Images, Info & Turnaround Videos of "Studio Series 86" Springer and Steeljaw

Earlier today Hasbro Pulse held a Fanstream revealing an assortment of upcoming Transformers releases.  Two of these were Studio Series 86 Springer and Steeljaw!  I have posted the product info, images, turnaround videos and purchase links below.  Using the purchase the links below will help support Ben's World of Transformers.

Toy News: Official Info & Images of "Generations" Comic Book Edition Decepticon Straxus

On today's Hasbro Pulse Fanstream Hasbro announced a figure many fans have been hoping to see for years now: Decepticon Straxus!  This figure is a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive and is up for preorder now.  This figure is a retool and redeco of Kingdom Galvatron featuring many new parts and weapons and a deco based on his first appearance in the G1 Marvel Comics series.  He is priced at $54.99 and is due for an October 1, 2024

Toy News: "Studio Series 86" Bumblebee Revealed - UPDATED

Thanks to what is likely an accidental early posting, Amazon France has officially revealed the long rumored Studio Series 86 Bumblebee!  This figure transforms into a Penny Racer inspired vehicle that seems to blur the line between being Bumper or Bumblebee, perhaps signaling a future redeco?  Either way, check out the pics in the gallery below!

Update (5/14/24): Turnaround video provided by Hasbro added below!

Toy News: Hasbro Pulse Space Bridge Reveals include SS86 Springer and Steeljaw

Earlier today Hasbro Pulse held a live stream featuring official reveals of several upcoming releases.  At the end of the video were a series of "Space Bridge" Reveals!  For those unfamiliar, Space Bridge reveals show generic images of a character representing an upcoming toy release (set against a beautiful graphic of a Space Bridge, of course!).   Today's reveals were (in order):