Toy News: New Images of "Movie Masterpiece" MPM-13 Blackout with Scorponok


Back in April it was revealed that Blackout and Scorponok would be joining the Movie Masterpiece line up.  Now thanks to Takara Tomy Mall we have additional images and info on this Masterpiece release.  Blackout is listed on Takara Tomy Mall for 26,400 yen (about $194.14 USD).  He is due for release on December 2022.

For now, take a look at the product info (via Google Translate) and images below:

The 13th MPM is the Decepticon blackout from the first Hollywood movie "Transformers". As in the play, it is a set that can store a scorpion type robot, Scorponok. The Sikorsky MH-53 with the aircraft number 4500X that attacked the US military Qatar base at the beginning of the movie is completely reproduced in a big size with a total length of about 50 cm, and it can be completely transformed into robot mode as in the play. One item with higher reproducibility than the same character item in the studio series boasts a perfection that is not ashamed of the name of MPM. Weapons that separate the main rotor, which was impressive for use in the play, Vulcan cannons on the arms, weapons that deploy with deformed chest are also reproduced, and attack image play is possible by using the attached effect parts. ..

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