Toy News: Official Product Info & Images for "Shattered Glass" Ultra Magnus


Today's Hasbro Live Stream also revealed the next figure in the ongoing Shattered Glass segment: Ultra Magnus!  A retool and redeco of Siege Ultra Magnus, this figure features a new head sculpt based on the Botcon "skull" head design for the character.  But wait, there's more!  Since SG Magnus' colors were based on the Diaclone Powered Convoy (which became Ultra Magnus in G1), Hasbro is also including an alternate head you can screw on so this figure is instead a Delta Magnus figure!  Check out the official product description and images below.  This is currently up on Hasbro Pulse for pre-order for $62.99 with a release date of October 1, 2022.

Transformers Generations Shattered Glass Collection Ultra Magnus & IDW’s Shattered Glass -- Ultra Magnus (Exclusive Hasbro Pulse Variant Cover)
Discover a universe that shatters everything you know about the Transformers robots…an upside-down world where the bad guys are good, and the good guys are bad. Welcome to Shattered Glass, an alternate universe where the heroic Decepticons battle the evil Autobots. Wait…what?

Fans can explore this topsy-turvy reality with the Transformers Shattered Glass Collection, featuring classic Transformers characters, with a twist!

Look for other Shattered Glass figures to build the ultimate alternate universe collection (each sold separately, subject to availability).

Includes: Ultra Magnus figure, alt head, armor, blaster, axe, and sword accessories, and instructions.

  • Part of the Shattered Glass Collection
  • Leader Class figure
  • Figure depicts the powerful Autobot general, Ultra Magnus, with deco and details inspired by the Shattered Glass universe
  • Converts from robot to truck mode in 12 steps, then to armored truck mode in 16 steps
  • Features purple Autobot logo and comes with blaster, axe, and sword accessories
  • Includes an alt head and armor accessories that attach to the figure
  • Comes with the first of a 5-issue IDW Shattered Glass miniseries with a Hasbro Pulse exclusive variant cover you can only get with the figure, featuring spot UV


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