Toy News: Takara Tomy Posts Photos of "Studio Series" Arcee & Ironhide


While Studio Series Arcee and Ironhide were already put up for pre-orders over a week ago, it is always fun to get to see more photos of upcoming product before it hits shelves. Thanks to Takara Tomy Mall, we now have new images of Ironhide. Takara Tomy has also posted their listing for Spike Witwicky, giving us another look at this upcoming figure. Check out the official product descriptions below (translated via Google Translate) along with the images from Takara's site.

Transformers Studio Series SS-85 Excel Suit Spike Wit Wicky (MSRP 1980 yen, $17.05 USD)
Spike Witwicky is wearing an Excel suit. The Excel suit, which was developed so that human beings can act with Transformers, is a powered suit that doubles as a space suit and has a transforming function, and Spike is also worn when working with Autobot in space. It can be transformed from suit mode to vehicle mode, and by attaching effect parts, it is possible to reproduce sprinting scenes and shooting scenes.

Transformers Studio Series SS-86 Arcee (MSRP 3520 yen, $30.32 USD)
Reproduce the styling of the robot mode that appeared in the sixth movie "Bumblebee". A female autobot warrior that transforms into a motorcycle-type sci-fi vehicle. She is also an excellent combatant, and Arcee is not afraid to be at the forefront of the battle as a member of Autobot. She escaped into space with her companions in a battle on Cybertron. Two gun-shaped weapons that can be used as muffler parts are included in vehicle mode.

Transformer Studio Series SS-87 Ironhide (MSRP 3520 yen, $30.32 USD)
Reproduce the styling of the robot mode that appeared in the sixth movie "Bumblebee". Ironhide is an Autobot guard who transforms into a cybertron star SF vehicle. During the battle with the Decepticons, he escaped Cybertron at the behest of Optimus Prime. Comes with the long barrel gun he used in the play.

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