Generation One

Toy News: HasLab Victory Saber Updates Shows Off Engineering Sample

After many months without a significant update, we finally get to see where the HasLab Victory Saber project stands.  Hasbro has posted a video that gives fans a look at the Victory Saber Engineering Sample and every mode for both Star Saber and Victory Leo.  I took some notes while watching the video and you'll find over 50 screen caps in the gallery below.  You can watch the video on Hasbro's site here.

Toy News: Takara Tomy Introduces "Masterpiece" Trailbreaker

It has been a while since we have heard about new Masterpiece releases, but that time has finally arrived! Thanks to the folks at Cybertron 21 on Youtube we now have a mirrored video from Takara Tomy introducing Masterpiece MP-56 Trailbreaker! Based on the character's appearance in the G1 cartoon, this figure comes with a bunch of accessories calling back to episodes that featured the classic Autobot.

Articles: Milton Bradley "Transformers" 1985 Catalog & Comic Scans

In 1985, Milton Bradley distributed a Transformers toy catalog in Europe that also featured a comic book.  The result was a comic that represents a micro-continuity that borrows several elements from the 80's Marvel Comics.  This includes events like Cybertron being threatened by an asteroid belt, the Ark being launched to create a path for the planet and the Dinobots emerging from The Ark before the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons.  However, there are some key differences.  Since Optimus Prime had not yet been released in yet at the time, Jetfire was given the role of Autobot

Toy News: Takara Tomy Posts Photos of "Studio Series" Arcee & Ironhide

While Studio Series Arcee and Ironhide were already put up for pre-orders over a week ago, it is always fun to get to see more photos of upcoming product before it hits shelves. Thanks to Takara Tomy Mall, we now have new images of Ironhide. Takara Tomy has also posted their listing for Spike Witwicky, giving us another look at this upcoming figure.

Toy News: "Studio Series" Arcee, Ironhide, Junkheap & Sludge Pre-Orders Launch Today

It's "Transformers Tuesday" and today that means new pre-order drops!  Today you get the chance to pre-order previously revealed Studio Series figures including Arcee, Ironhide, Junkheap and Sludge!  Check out the product descriptions and images below with links to pre-order.  Remember, using these links helps to support Ben's World of Transformers!

Video: Band Uses Traditional Chinese Instruments to Play the "G1" Theme Song

Now here's something wonderful and unexpected.  The Official Hasbro China Weibo Account has posted a video featuring a group of musicians using traditional Chinese Instruments to play the G1 theme song from the 80's!  The group is accompanied by imagery of Transformers products including an Arcee statue, Kingdom Airazor, Rhinox, Megatron and more.  Cybertron 21 on Youtube was kind enough to mirror this video on Youtube so