Toy News: Hasbro Reveals HasLab Victory Saber Packaging at SDCC 2022


Today at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Hasbro unveiled the box for the HasLab Victory Saber!  Hasbro put a lot of work into the packaging.  Here are some highlights from the video:

  • Set will come in a brown shipping box.
  • Artwork on the box is by long time Transformers artist Guido Guidi
  • Packaging has some foil on it and shows off posability for all the figures in the set.
  • Sleeve comes off to reveal inner box which is protected by a print with alternate artwork also by Guido Guidi
  • Poster features Deathsaurus
  • Box sleeve is reversible, allowing you to create a modern "Japanese" box for the set which includes more artwork by Guidi and renders of the figures and accessories on the back.
  • The box sleeve includes a scan of the original Victory "battle art", Japanese text and even the Victory "grid pattern" from the Generation One packaging.
  • Instructions are multi-color.  Evan worked many hours with the instructions team to ensure it is easy to read and correct.
  • Box has a tray for accessories.  
  • Lift the tray and the figures are underneath.
  • The samples shown today are in-house samples with factory number stamps on them.  Hasbro is still working to improve the deco on the figures before release.
Check out screenshots from the video above in the gallery below!
Lightbox Gallery