"Cyberverse" Ultra Class Starscream Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: July 2018
Price Point: $19.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Target, Walmart, Amazon etc.)
Accessories: None

*Images and text below from Amazon.com:
Convert to Activate Signature Action Attack
Convert and attack with Transformers Cyberverse Action Attackers! Change figure from robot to vehicle mode in 8 steps. The last step of conversion automatically activates Starscream figure’s signature Starseeker Missile Action Attack move! Once converted, attack move can be repeated through easy reactivation steps. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Discover Other Signature Attack Moves
The war between heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons continues on the Cyberverse animated series! Discover the unique powers and skills of each Cyberverse character, and see how those powers will be used to defend Earth… or threaten it. Imagine recreating awesome Cyberverse battles with Ultra Class figures that perform the attack moves featured on the animated series! Explore the unique powers and skills of each character while bringing the epic adventures of Cyberverse to life. Look for other Action Attackers figures, each sold separately, to discover the signature attack moves of favorite Cyberverse characters!

Evil Decepticon Starscream
Function: Scheming Second-in-Command “Ugh, Starscream. Obviously the Decepticons are not nice dudes, but Starscream is extra cunning. He’ll sell you out to Megatron, and then sell Megatron out to whoever offers him power. Imagine Starscream leading the Decepticons- yikes. He’s a rude dude who wouldn’t know loyalty if it blasted him in the face. He doesn’t seem to like me very much, which is so his loss. He must know that once I come around, he’ll be taking losses left and right.” - Bumblebee

  • Ultra Class Starscream figure inspired by the Cyberverse animated series
  • Each Action Attackers figure performs a signature character attack move
  • Convert Starscream to activate signature Starseeker Missile Action Attack move
  • Once converted, attack move can be repeated through easy reactivation steps
  • Changes from robot to jet mode in 8 steps

In late 2017 it was revealed that a new Transformers cartoon would be replacing "Robots in Disguise". The series focuses on Bumblebee with partial amnesia attempting to regain his memories. A blend of G1 and modern characters combined with a more kid-friendly animation style results in a show that leans more towards a younger audience than even "Robots in Disguise", something which is reflected in the toy line. The toy line was released in countries outside the United States such as Australia around late June 2018. A few weeks later it would be released in North America.

As the seasons changed in 2018 the second wave of "Cyberverse" figures was released. This included a second assortment of "Ultra" Class figures. Unlike "Ultra" Class figures of the past, these are larger figures that have simple tranformations focusing on an action feature unique to the character. One of the first Ultra Class figures released for "Cyberverse" was Starscream.

Starscream is packaged in an open box, tied to a bubble. The front features Starscream's artwork in the left corner. On the right side is a vertical Transformers logo with an Decepticon symbol above it. The front section that goes over the legs features Starscream in vehicle mode firing his "Starseeker Missile" (interestingly it has "missile" singular, but there are actually multiple rockets that launch out of the launcher). Next to that is the "Transformers Cyberverse" logo with his name under it. This packaging features distinctive colors including black, grey, light blue and yellow which really helps it stand out on shelves.

The back of the packaging focuses on the yellow and blue colors from the front. It features Starscream's name and function: "Scheming Second-in-Command". He is shown in both modes with a call out for a 8 step transformation. The upper right hand corner shows him using his "Starseeker Missile". Towards the bottom are cosells featuring Bumblebee and Grimlock.

Robot Mode:
Starscream's appearance in the "Cyberverse" animated series is very much a modern day interpretation of his classic G1 design. This includes having wings on his back, a distinct "helmet" on his head with air intakes on the sides, a cockpit on his torso and legs with thrusters on them. However, the Ultra Class of figures focuses on a gimmick, and in service of that the design of this Starscream is a bit different. Most of the figure is very recognizable as Starscream (including all the elements I mention above). However, the wings are where there is a huge difference. Instead of thin, sleek looking wings, these have gigantic missile/rocket launchers on them. In some respects this looks like Starscream got some type of insane power up and his wings morphed to accommodate more weaponry! Some fans have suggested this also makes him a good potential base sculpt for a G1 Skyquake retool and I cannot say I disagree. While it is very exaggerated, I really like the design and sculpt of this figure.

Starscream is cast in silver, red and blue plastic - all standard Starscream colors. The silver makes up most of the body while the blue and red make up smaller parts like his forearms and torso respectively. There is a good amount of paint on this figure. Much more than I expected, to be honest. Silver is used on the face and torso. Orange is found on the head, feet and torso. His eyes are painted red. Black paint is used on the head and knees. On top of all that there is blue paint on the legs and feet. Almost every major part of the figure has paint on it and I was very happy about that.

There are four points of articulation on this figure: the arms. The legs can kind of move out to the sides a bit, but it is not meaningful articulation so I do not count it. Each fist has a 5mm port, allowing the figure to hold weapons from other figures. This sounds disappointing, but it is pretty much in the basic design philosophy of these Ultra Class figures to focus on gimmick over articulation so it is not a surprise. Personally I'm find with it understanding the intent behind the figure, but some fans will be disappointed about it.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Straighten out the arms.
  2. Push the legs together.
  3. Swing up the stabilizer fins.
  4. Swing the wings over the front of the body and push it in.
  5. Swing the cockpit section up.
  6. Swing the robot arms down, plugging the fists into the pegs on the bottom of the horizontal stabilizers.

Vehicle Mode:
Starscream's vehicle mode has many classic G1 Starscream elements. These include wings that have points sweeping back, both horizontal and vertical stabilizers in the back and weaponry under each wing. However, like the robot mode, the weapons are so exaggerated that they make Starscream looked super powered up. That said, there is a good amount of robot mode bits sticking out on top of this mode. You can pretty much see the entire robot torso and the lower legs, so the illusion of the alt-mode is shattered to a degree.

The only real new color details revealed in this mode are the red and white stripes on the wings with small Decepticon symbols on them. These are inspired by similar details on G1 Starscream's wings. This mode also shows off the front of the vehicle with orange on the cockpit windows and blue at the tip. The rockets (they're not really missiles) inside his wing mounted weapons are pink (likely intended to be "Energon" colored).

Starscream's action feature is activated by pulling down a bit on the faux cockpit piece from the robot mode torso (now situated right behind the "real" jet cockpit). Pull it back and the rockets "launch". The rockets do not actually fire out of the launchers. Instead, each wing has plastic pieces with hinges on it that splay out with the back looking like they have smoke trails. It is a very dramatic and Anime inspired effect that looks fantastic. To reset the feature, push the faux cockpit piece forward and push the rockets back into the launchers. This is a fun feature and I have to say I really enjoyed "launching" the rockets and resetting them again and again.

Final Thoughts:
The key to enjoying this figure is keeping mind that its purpose is to serve as a gimmick based figure. Even by that measure however, I am very pleased with the sculpt and deco. The articulation is limited, of course, but overall the figure looks good and it does have a fun action feature. Definitely recommended for the intended age group, but older fans may not get much out of it.


  • Sculpt looks great in robot mode.
  • Very nice robot mode deco.
  • Fun action feature.


  • Limited articulation.
  • The giant launchers on the wings may turn some fans off to this figure.

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