"Buzzworthy Bumblebee" Toy Review Index


In 2020 a surprise set of exclusive Bumblebee-themed Transformers figures were released at Target under the banner of Buzzworthy Bumblebee.  This line featured a mixture of figures from various Transformers lines including Studio Series and Cyberverse.  Largely consisting of repacked figures, there were some redecos and new figures as well.  In 2021 the line continued to grow solidifying Buzzworthy Bumblebee as its own sub-line of Transformers figures.  Taking a cue from the TFWiki, the various releases are broken up by the sub-line the toys originate.

Spark Armor Multi-Packs
  • Bumblebee & Trash Crash
  • Megatron & Chopper Cut
Warrior Multi-Pack (Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Starscream)

Crash & Combine  
  • Grimlock / Bumblebee (Bumblegrim)
  • Grimlock / Optimus Prime (Primelock)

Deluxe Class Battle Packs`
  • Bumblebee (1976 Camaro, w/ Charlie, Bumblebee) 15BB
  • WWII Bumblebee (The Last Knight) 26BB
  • Shatter (Plymouth, Bumblebee) 40BB
  • Bumblebee (2008 Camaro Concept, w/ Sam, Revenge of the Fallen) 74BB
  • Bumblebee VS 46BB Dropkick (Bumblebee) 18BB
  • Clunker Bumblebee VS 28BB Barricade (Transformers) 27BB
  • High Octane Bumblebee VS 02BB Decepticon Stinger (Age of Extinction) 79BB

Core Class Deluxe Class Multi-Packs
Bumblebee / Spike Witwicky Origin Bumblebee "Worlds Collide" 4-pack
  • Nemesis Primal
  • Fangry (w/ Brisko)
  • Bumblebee
  • Blackarachnia

Origins Jazz

Jungle Mission 3-Pack




Misc. Toys

Age of Extinction
Mega 1-Step Bumblebee

Power Charge Bumblebee