Rise of the Beasts

Toy News: Official Takara Tomy Images & Product Info for "Studio Series" Rhinox

A few weeks ago Hasbro revealed Studio Series Rise of the Beasts Rhinox during a live stream.  However, they noted during the stream that the colors on the figure they showed off were not final.  Now thanks to a new listing by Takara Tomy, we may have a better look at the final product and (hopefully) how the character appears on screen!  Takara Tomy lists this figure at 6050 Yen (about $

Events: Images & Info from the Hasbro Hosted "Battle in Brooklyn" Fan Event

On June 3, 2023 Hasbro and Amazon teamed up to hold a promotional event for the seventh live action Transformers film: Rise of the Beasts!  There are many themes running through Rise of the Beasts thanks in part to its setting in 1994 and one of the film's locations: Brooklyn, NY.  This gives it a connection to the art and music represented by the area so this event was held in Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Specifically the event ran from 3-7PM on the corner of Waterbury St.

Toy News: Official Images & Product Info for "Rise of the Beasts" Mainline Rhinox

As a follow up to the Rise of the Beasts Voyager Class Optimus Primal and Optimus Prime releases, Rhinox has joined the wave!  This figure appears to be a retool and redeco of Kingdom Rhinox.  This is separate from the upcoming Voyager Class Studio Series Rhinox which will more accurately depict the character as he appears in the film.

Toy News: Hasbro Pulse Reveals Takara Tomy Edition "Rise of the Beasts" Optimus Primal

In a surprise reveal, Hasbro Pulse has posted a listing for a previously unannounced Optimus Primal figure from Rise of the Beasts!  More so than perhaps any (transformable) figure revealed and released to date, this figure appears to be very screen accurate, featuring details in both modes seen in the movie trailers.  This figure is being billed as the "Takara Tomy Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Optimus Primal" indicating the figure will not be widely available outside Japan.  At the moment Hasbro Pulse appears to be the only online venue taking preorders and the irony

Toys: Photos of Hasbro's "Rise of the Beasts" Promotional Mailer

The debut of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is about one week away in the United States.  As part of the celebration of the film's release, Hasbro has sent Ben's World of Transformers a wonderful promotional mailer filled with Rise of the Beasts merchandise!  The box itself looks like some type of Cybertronian supply drop, featuring metallic looking graphics.  Details like "vents" and hinges suggest that there is something contained within (perhaps beastly beings?!).  Graphics also include wear and tear along with  leaves and vines, looking like this Cybertronia