"Beast Wars Transformers" Jawbreaker Toy Review


Jawbreaker is one of the late additions to the Maximal Transmetal 2 forces. This toy also marks the first appearance of this beast mode: a hyena. Don't be fooled though. This Maximal is no laughing dog, he's a powerful warrior, and has the weaponry to prove it!

The Gimmick:
So what seperates a Transmetal II from a Transmetal? For one thing, the third "alternate" vehicle modes are gone. In their place, a more striking design style, special features in each toy and a "Spark Crystal". The Spark Crystals are small marble type balls embedded into the body of the toys, each with the symbol of the character's respective allegiance.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Jawbreaker is mostly black and metallic light blue. His vacume metallized parts range from bright red, to gold to pink and silver. His back is mostly black with some great blue metallic detailing and light yellow spots.

Jawbreaker is one scary looking Transformer. Everything about the look of this toy screams "sharp, destructive machine". His tail is basically one big series of blades. On his hind feet are two long blades. On his back, right in the middle of his hump is a round saw. His beast mode head has several spikes protruding from it, while his front beast mode ankles have blades sticking out of them. Even his vacume metallized parts were given the sharp treatment. Each has an axe like blade on the front shoulders of the beast mode. This guy looks like he could rip a Predacon apart in no time flat!

In this mode, Jawbreaker has forteen points of articulation, focused mainly in the beast mode hind legs. His circular saw can actually spin. This action feature is executed by pushing the small lever right behind the saw on the right side. Jawbreaker easily has one of the most well made and intense beast modes of the Transmetal 2 line.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Jawbreaker's transformation by removing his tail. Next, swing his left beast mode half to one side, and the head and right leg to the other. Next, straighten out his hind feet to form the robot legs. Now fold up the piece with the robot chest and head on it. Turn the head around. Fold up the hyena front legs on both arms so they are out of the way. Place his tail weapon in his left hand. Jawbreaker is now in robot mode.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Jawbreaker carries over his colors from his beast mode. The combination of black and light blue works to make this character look very dark. His robot head is nicely colored. It's mostly metallic light blue, but the eyes are yellow and there is additional dark grey and red detailing as well. Because the toy is so dark in appearance, the vacuum metallized red parts offer a pleasant contrast.

As a robot, Jawbreaker has forteen points of articulation. This includes knee, ankle, elbow and head articulation. Jawbreaker's tail/sword looks very nice in this mode since it is so large and foreboding as a weapon. His Spark Crystal is on his right arm, in the hyena head/body portion. Admittedly, the hyena head arm is a bit odd and cumbersome, but the overall figure is so well done, this one oddity can be overlooked.

Overall, this is a great addition to any Transformers collection. Highly recommended. A

Updated Thoughts (January 30, 2022):
After many years of Generations figures largely sticking to more traditional G1 based forms, seeing one as weird and wacky as Jawbreaker's is almost jarring.  Everything about this figure's design is nuts from the many blades all over his body to having the beast mode head forming a large chunk of the right arm.  He also looks dangerous, with all his blades and claws.   I also love the deco with the gold, orange and red fades on the vacuum metallized parts.  This toy is absolutely fantastic.

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