"Beast Wars Transformers" Rattrap Toy Review


Rattrap is a great example of how a good character on a television show can make people want a toy very badly. After his breakout appearance on the Beast Wars Transformers television show, this became one heavily sought after toy.

Later on, Rattrap would be repainted and released as part of a two pack for Botcon 1997. As the Maximal thief Packrat, the toy became heavily sought after once again.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Rattrap is mostly grey. Some brown is used for his back and tail while his beast mode feet are flesh pink. His beast mode eyes are yellow (although in the Japanese release they were repainted to black to match the TV show). His teeth are white.

As a rat, Rattrap has five points of articulation. Although his beast mode legs are not articulated, the feet are. This is a nice concession considering the transformation style Rattrap utilizes. Overall not a bad beast mode, but not a great one either.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Pull the tail up to activate the spring loaded transformation. Now straighten out Rattrap's robot arms and remove the halves of his gun from the side panels. Connect the two pieces and place them into his hand. Rotate the beast mode feet around so the toes face each other. Rattrap is now in robot mode!

Robot Mode:
Rattrap's color scheme in robot mode adds brown and silver into the mix. His upper legs and arms are brown while detailing on his legs and arms are silver. His beast mode head is grey with silver on the forehead and red eyes.

In robot mode, Rattrap has nine points of articulation. Unfortunately, he is quite back heavy and has a tendency to fall over. This can get quite annoying. However, he is not entirely bad. The toy is fairly show accurate and the two pieces of the guns connecting together is fairly clever.

If Rattrap were more balanced, he would definitely be more fun. Still, a recommended buy if you're a big Rattrap fan. B

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