Beast Wars

Events: Hasbro Pulse Premium 1027 Event Round Up

Today Hasbro Pulse held its 1027 Premium event!  Each brand represented did some quick reveals including Transformers!  The opening of the event showed off a room celebrating the 100 year history of Hasbro along with soem fun G1, G2 and Beast Wars figures in the background before showing off reveals.  Here's a rundown of the Transformers reveals with a gallery of screen captures below:

Commander Class Magmatron

Toy News: Official Photos & Info for "Beast Wars Again" Airazor vs Inferno

Takara Tomy has revealed the next set in its Beast Wars Again series: Airazor versus Inferno!  Airazor is a redeco of Kingdom Airazor while Inferno is redeco of Legacy Inferno.  Both figures feature premium decos based on their animated counterparts from the 90's cartoon!  The set as an MSRP of 10,450 Yen (about $70.70 USD) with a release date of Late February 2024.  For now, check out the images and info below from Takara Tomy Mall and translated via

Events: Photos of Classic "Beast Wars" Merchandise at SDCC 2023

Hasbro's Transformers display at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 isn't just about current and upcoming items.  With Rise of the Beasts in theaters, Hasbro decided to pay homage to Beast Wars and dug into the archives to display some classic Beast Wars Transformers toys!  Fun note: I lent several items from my own collection for this display and they will be rotated throughout the weekend.  The puzzle you will see in the gallery below is one of those items!  Enjoy the gallery below:

Movies: Furio Tedeschi Reveals "Rise of the Beasts" Rhinox Concept Art

Rise of the Beasts is a fun movie with action sequences that move at a rapid pace.  During the climactic battle towards the end of the film the Maximals transform into their robot modes to battle Unicron's Predacon and Terrorcon forces.  While Rhinox does appear in robot mode in a couple scenes, we never really get a good look at him.  Now thanks to concept artist Furio Tedeschi on Instagram we have a look at his concept art for Rhinox!  According to his description, he used Beast Wars Rhinox as a starting point and i